Data driven analysis provides insights into the credibility of German political parties in key policy areas

The German media outlet Der Spiegel uncovers the free fall of the German social democratic party. 

The German media outlet Der Spiegel  uncovers the free fall of the German social democratic party (SPD).

A new survey conducted by Civey on behalf of Der Spiegel shows that the German social democratic party (SPD) lost credibility in the eyes of the national electorate. More precisely, when compared to other parties, the SPD is being considered as a political party which is unable to clearly lead the discussion on any give topic.

The data piece provides a set of infographic articles to showcase the results of the survey. An interactive graph enables the user to analyse the credibility of all German parties according to a set of ten policy domains.

Although the SPD is the most credible party when it comes to social policies, the lead is about dismal 3 percentage points. Crucially, concerning European policies, the SPD ranks even behind the Eurosceptic party, Alternative for Germany (AFD).

Why we liked it

Amidst many data stories focusing only on the voting intention of the electorate, this analysis uncovers some of the reasons behind the strength and weaknesses of political parties. The data corroborate more qualitative analysis that dealt with the loss of influence of social democratic parties across Europe over the past years.