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EU closes in on target for gender parity in the European Parliament

Wednesday 10 July 2019 | Kashyap Raibagi
| Voxeurop

The European Union elected a record number of women MEPs in the latest European Parliament elections. However, men still hold almost 60 percent of seats.

If not Oxford, then what? How much it costs to study abroad (and what will happen after Brexit)

Wednesday 26 June 2019 | BiQdata

Final exams are almost done. If you’re thinking about studying abroad, see where in Europe universities are free and what types of scholarships are available to students.

Italy: the game begins

Friday 21 June 2019 | Guillaume Duval
| Alternatives Economiques

On 5 June the European Commission cleared the way for an excessive deficit procedure against Italy. This could lead to a fine of several billion euro being imposed on Italy. Above all, this new showdown risks restarting the general eurozone crisis just as Europe’s economy is slowing sharply. A slowdown which is partly caused by the vulnerability of Germany, Europe’s flagship economy, to the China-USA trade war and its dampening effect on the world economy.

Cities slow to respond to challenges posed by climate change

Friday 21 June 2019 | Nicolas Kayser-Bril
| Voxeurop

An update on the temperature data from 558 cities and their surroundings in Europe shows that 2018 was the warmest year since 1900 in 203 cities. Local response to the climate breakdown varies widely, according to a survey of a 61 local authorities in six countries by the European Data Journalism Network.

Is a new EU defence on its way?

Saturday 15 June 2019 | Emanuela Barbiroglio
| Voxeurop

The creation of a €13.6 billion scheme for the European Defence Fund can fundamentally challenge the nature of the European Union as a peace project. It may provide the arms before creating the army and even the political frame for it, and will contribute to a new arms race, suggests civil society.

Europeans retire before the legal age

Saturday 25 May 2019 | Orlane Jézéquélou
| Alternatives Economiques

After they retire, European seniors are not drawing their pensions straight away. They are even leaving employment before the legal retirement age.

In parliaments across Europe women face alarming levels of sexism, harassment and violence

Wednesday 22 May 2019 | Kashyap Raibagi
| Voxeurop

Even a century after women started to become eligible to vote and stand for election in European countries, only 36.4 percent of MEPs in the outgoing legislature (2014-19) were women. Meanwhile, gender-based violence and harassment against women in European parliaments is rampant. What can be done to change this situation in the new assembly?

What’s going on with abstention in Europe?

Thursday 16 May 2019 | Lorenzo Ferrari
Jacopo Ottaviani
| Internazionale
OBC Transeuropa

In the 2014 European elections, only 42.5 percent of people eligible to vote participated. From the economy to migration, by way of defence and climate change, European questions are now central to the public debate. While this might lead to some first steps towards changing the trend, it probably won’t be enough to entice a majority of European citizens to go to the ballot box.

How much will Arctic meltdown cost us? The answer is up in space

Saturday 11 May 2019 | Stefano Valentino
| Voxeurop

Data collected by European Space Agency satellites is used not only to study the impact of global warming on polar regions, but also to predict the consequences that melting ice and rising sea levels will have on our economies over the next hundred years.

Well d(r)one Europe: The hidden path leading to the European Defence Fund

Saturday 11 May 2019 | Alexander Damiano Ricci
| Voxeurop

The EU’s reliance on the private industry to steer technological developments in the field of defence are rooted in almost 15 years of drone research conducted under its leading R&D programmes.