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Power imbalances and freedom of consent in migration management 

Thursday 28 April 2022 | Gianluca De Feo
| OBC Transeuropa

The collection of personal information, including biometric and ethnicity data, is being used as a standard tool in migration management. The notion of consent is often disregarded, which is particularly problematic when minority and vulnerable groups are concerned.

Digital Fortress Europe #1: The ecosystem of European biometric monitoring and surveillance data 

Thursday 28 April 2022 | Kostas Zafeiropoulos
Janine Louloudi
Nikos Morfonios

A description of the main systems in use in Europe to manage the mobility of people across Europe's borders and across its countries, with a focus on current mechanisms that can be improved.

How many Ukrainian refugees are there in the European Union – and where? 

Tuesday 26 April 2022 | Gianluca De Feo
| OBC Transeuropa

Since the beginning of the war, many Ukrainians – but also Russians – have been seeking refuge in the countries of the European Union. Where are they going, and which are the countries that already hosted the largest Ukrainian communities?

Data centres: the last great tech threat to energy sustainability 

Thursday 21 April 2022 | José Luis Marín
| El Orden Mundial

The energy needs of these physical infrastructure, where much of the world’s digital information is stored, have grown exponentially in recent years. While business has been booming, so have concerns about their sustainability and the environmental threats that data centres present.

European cloud services: Big Tech’s profits grow thanks to public sector contracts 

Thursday 14 April 2022 | José Luis Marín
| El Orden Mundial

The giants of Silicon Valley are taking in 70% of the profits generated by cloud computing in Europe. Despite the problems thrown up by GDPR, some of this money continues to flow through beefy public contracts.

How Germany manages EU funds in Africa 

Thursday 14 April 2022 | Kira Schacht
| Deutsche Welle (DW)

Germany is the biggest state donor to the European Union's Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, which was established in 2015 to curb irregular migration to the EU. Where did that money go? And what comes next?

EU uses development aid to strongarm Africa on migration 

Wednesday 13 April 2022 | Kira Schacht
| Deutsche Welle (DW)

EU development programs such as the Emergency Trust Fund for Africa prioritize curbing migration over fostering development, critics say. How does the EUTF square with the stated aims of the European Union's aid policies?

How the EU spent billions to halt migration from Africa  

Tuesday 12 April 2022 | Gianna-Carina Grün
| Deutsche Welle (DW)

Fight irregular migration, return and reintegrate migrants, create more legal pathways to the EU: The European Union set high goals with its Emergency Trust Fund for Africa. DW examines whether the EUTF achieved them. 

Mobile operators and personal data in Europe  Large investigation

Friday 08 April 2022 | Federico Caruso
Gianluca De Feo
| OBC Transeuropa

This article explores in more detail our research into how phone companies use customers’ personal data, with notes on the legal issues relating to European law.

How phone companies use our personal data 

Friday 08 April 2022 | Gianluca De Feo
Federico Caruso
| OBC Transeuropa

In the past, some telephone companies have become known for their unscrupulous use of customers’ personal data. While things have improved in Europe, it is important to know what we are agreeing to when we sign a new contract.