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Mobile operators and personal data in Europe  Large investigation

Friday 08 April 2022 | Federico Caruso
Gianluca De Feo
| OBC Transeuropa

This article explores in more detail our research into how phone companies use customers’ personal data, with notes on the legal issues relating to European law.

How phone companies use our personal data 

Friday 08 April 2022 | Gianluca De Feo
Federico Caruso
| OBC Transeuropa

In the past, some telephone companies have become known for their unscrupulous use of customers’ personal data. While things have improved in Europe, it is important to know what we are agreeing to when we sign a new contract.

lowsection of Ukrainian immigrants with luggage

Is the EU's asylum system ready to welcome Ukrainian refugees? 

Monday 04 April 2022 | Eva Belmonte
Ángela Bernardo
Miguel Ángel Gavilanes
Carmen Torrecillas
David Cabo
| Civio

Ukrainian refugees now enter the EU under the aegis of the ultra-fast special protection system, but regular reception centres across the Union are piling up hundreds of thousands of applications and rejecting many. EU members states' asylum systems average more than 15 months of delay. 

Croatia: suicide is a public health issue 

Thursday 31 March 2022 | Marina Kelava
| H-Alter

Croatia has not yet adopted a national suicide prevention strategy, despite the suicide rate recorded in the country being higher than the European and global average.

Hungarian prisons still take an austere approach 

Thursday 31 March 2022 | Laszlo Arato
| EUrologus

The Hungarian prison system has undergone a significant transformation in recent years: prison capacity has been expanded and institutions have been modernised. But imprisonment is only one form of punishment.

Covid-19 spread twice as fast in Greek prisons 

Tuesday 22 March 2022 | Nikos Morfonios
Janine Louloudi

Overcrowding, abuse of the minimum personal space of prisoners, hospitalization without segregation of patients, crowded quarantine, lack of medical staff and health measures, delayed vaccination - these are just some of the causes that lead to the virus’s spread.

A conversation on surveillance in journalism 

Tuesday 22 March 2022 | Dimitri Bettoni
Federico Caruso
| OBC Transeuropa

From the Pegasus spyware investigation to mass surveillance: a dialogue with researcher Philip Di Salvo to understand the impact of new technologies for all those involved in journalism and beyond.

Overcrowding, isolation, and shrinking of human rights in Greek prisons 

Monday 21 March 2022 | Thanasis Troboukis
| iMEdD

During the first months of the pandemic, the spread of the virus in Greek prisons appeared to have been limited. Today it is estimated that one in three inmates has contracted coronavirus, despite the fact that correctional facilities were operating under a strict lockdown. What went wrong?

In which EU regions do people work less and get paid more? 

Tuesday 08 March 2022 | Marta Ley
| El Confidencial

The average working week in Europe has shortened since 2000, but the differences between EU regions remain significant. People in some Greek regions work up to 12 hours longer than people in some regions of the Netherlands.

Russia wants your data: cyber attacks are growing in the European Union 

Tuesday 08 March 2022 | Álvaro Merino
| El Orden Mundial

The shadow of Russia has always loomed over the internet, but the pandemic, which moved citizen’s lives into the digital sphere, saw a rise in security breaches within European businesses and institutions. Cyber attacks against key European sectors doubled in 2020. Although Brussels is working to plug the gaps, the invasion of Ukraine threatens to intensify the cyber war.