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The impact of Covid-19 on prisons in Hungary 

Thursday 20 January 2022 | Laszlo Arato
| EUrologus

Football, the gym, personal visits all came to an abrupt end in Hungarian prisons as the coronavirus outbreak hit. Since then, however, prisoners and relatives have taken to Skype. The lack of face-to-face meetings is offset by the fact that the great majority of prisoners have been vaccinated, according to one of our interviewees.

Can we protect our data in the artificial intelligence era? 

Monday 10 January 2022 | Andrea G. Rodríguez
| El Orden Mundial

Europe wants to be a leader in tech revolutions like AI. This ambition, however, contrasts sharply with Brussels’ desire to protect the right to privacy and AI needs data to develop. A new European ruling promises to make both objectives compatible, though it does not resolve the problem. 

EU Track and Trace: the €100m failure 

Wednesday 05 January 2022 | Álvaro Merino
| El Orden Mundial

Despite European hopes being invested in the technology, contact tracing apps have only succeeded in tracking 5% of registered cases since they were introduced in the EU. The lack of public confidence in the scheme has proven to be an insurmountable hurdle.

Citizens' distrust and lack of consensus: what led to the fiasco of contact tracing apps 

Wednesday 05 January 2022 | Álvaro Merino
| El Orden Mundial

European countries have spent months debating what to do with data collected through contact tracing apps. A lack of consensus, as well as the launch of new systems by Apple and Google, lessened the chances of a unified protocol among the bloc. What is clear is that Europe always prioritised the data protection of its own users.

Romania: 25,000 deaths from pollution per year 

Thursday 16 December 2021 | Mihaela Iordache
| OBC Transeuropa

For years the media have denounced that Romania is becoming the landfill of Europe. Yet, the institutions do not intervene, and meanwhile the European Environment Agency reports that the country ranks first in Europe for deaths caused by pollution.

Covid and prisons in France: interview with Dominique Simonnot 

Wednesday 15 December 2021 | Alternatives Economiques

"The epidemic has been contained at the cost of enormous sacrifices for France’s prison population", says Dominique Simonnot, French chief prisons inspector.

Anti-Covid measures in Italian and European prisons 

Wednesday 15 December 2021 | Openpolis

Cramped, often unhygienic, and already characterised by numerous restrictions, many prisons in Europe were hit hard by the pandemic. In Italy, where prison facilities are among the most overcrowded in the EU, the pandemic aggravated a number of preexisting systemic problems.

inmate holding prison bars

"With the pandemic, it was a prison within a prison” 

Tuesday 14 December 2021 | Margot Hemmerich
| Alternatives Economiques

Aurélie, 27, spent several years in prison. Maxime, 35, was an inmate in the Paris region, where the overcrowding rate is 160%. Like 13,000 other prisoners, he got out thanks to early-release measures enacted between March and May 2020. They told us their stories. 

Prisons contained the pandemic at the expense of human rights 

Tuesday 14 December 2021 | Adrian Burtin
| VoxEurop

In many European countries, containing the spread of Covid-19 has come at the price of human rights. European prisoners have had to endure extended isolation, suspended visiting hours, and the cancellation of training and recreational activities.

prison building

France: The pandemic has exposed a dysfunctional prison system 

Monday 13 December 2021 | Margot Hemmerich
| Alternatives Economiques

While the poor state of French prisons led many to fear a serious health crisis in the wake of Covid-19, the worst of those fears have not materialised. However, the drastic lockdown measures have done nothing to benefit the mental health of detainees. Nor have they led to any serious reevaluation of the system itself.