There are countries in Europe where babies born with assisted reproductive techniques (ART) are between 5 and 8 percent of the total. Such figures tell us that the issue affects hundreds of thousands of people in Europe every year, considering the families involved and the duration of treatments that, depending on cases, can last years – and are not always successful.

Yet, not much is known about the state of ART in different European countries, as little to no comprehensive overview is available. That’s why one of EDJNet's data units engaged in an investigation, led by Civio, which tackles one of the key aspects of the problem: access to treatments. The investigation looked into what the legislation of 43 European countries says about legal access to treatments, and into the costs and coverage of treatments by public health services. In some cases, couples or women have to resort to the so-called “reproductive tourism”.

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Monday 29 November 2021
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