Investigation breakdown: Access to assisted reproduction in Europe

Access to assisted reproductive techniques (ART) is unevenly granted in Europe. Whether you are a single woman, an LGBQI+ person, beyond or below a given age, and of course where you’re from can make a big difference. That’s why lots of couples decide to travel abroad to access treatments they cannot get in their country.

Information on this topic is very dispersed, so it’s hard to get a comprehensive picture. That’s why Civio, together with other EDJNet partners, has led an investigation that gathered up-to-date information on access to ART in 43 European countries and made it comparable. The work relied on data collection, processing and visualization, but also on an effort to interview people directly involved in the phenomenon.

In order to find out more, join us for an online chat with Ángela Bernardo and Carmen Torrecillas from Civio. Giorgio Comai (OBC Transeuropa) will ask them about the main research findings, how they conducted the investigation, what were the challenges and obstacles, together with technical hints on the data visualisations.

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On 1st December 2021 at 3 pm CET
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Thursday 25 November 2021
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