Quote Finder: possible actions

The Quote Finder allows users to explore tweets posted by every MEP on Twitter. Various filters can be applied, and also combined. Below is a list of the main possibilities currently offered by the tool (other functions, sources and options will become available in April 2019):

  • Select the date range (last week, last month, last three months, or custom range)
  • Select the language in which the tweets are composed
  • Search on the basis of a specific hashtag. Hashtags can be chosen from among all those used by MEPs, in order of frequency, or from among those that happen to be trending
  • Run a free-text search on tweets, searching for a given word or phrase
  • Search the tweets of one or more user-specified MEPs; of one or more political groups; of MEPs representing one or more specific countries
  • Choose whether to visualise results as a word cloud or barchart
  • Contrast tweets from different European Parliament groups
  • Conduct a “sentiment analysis” on tweets in English, highlighting frequently used words with positive or negative connotations

The various options can also be combined.