Europe explained through data

Quality editorial tools and technical assistance for journalists who want to turn data into news

Stats Monitor

Stats Monitor is a unique service that gives you newsleads based on data from Eurostat, signaling interesting trends, changes and outliers. With our Stats Monitor you will also be able to visualize your stories and embed charts directly on your own website.

Quote finder

Which words are leading the trends in European affairs? Explore different perspectives on EU affairs through word clouds and other interactive visualisations powered by sentiment analysis. The tool is developed and curated by OBCT.

Data search

Looking for news, information or inspiration in the European Data Portal? Here is a powerful multilingual meta search engine to enrich and improve journalists’ experience, indexing 2,800+ datasets covering a broad range of topics. The tool is currently under development and it will be available in the forthcoming months.

Help Desk

On-demand support to journalists about data sources and methodological issues in digging, treating or visualizing data. Additional support is provided to use the platform tools, such as the Stats Monitor and the Quote Finder. The Help Desk service will be available at the end of February 2018.