Meet the European Parliament's twittersphere

petak, 19. siječanj 2018. | Giorgio Comai
| OBC Transeuropa

This is the first in a series of posts on how members of the European Parliament (MEPs) appear on Twitter. This first post introduces the EP twittersphere, outlines limitations to the analysis, and points at some broad trends. The following posts will focus on specific aspects.

Centrists and progressives at the European Parliament

četvrtak, 23. svibanj 2019. | Ornaldo Gjergji
| OBC Transeuropa

French President Emmanuel Macron wants to unite the progressives in the European Parliament against the threat posed by the far right, but the road is winding.

Waiting for the new European Parliament

nedjelja, 30. lipanj 2019. | Gina Pavone
| OBC Transeuropa

What is being said about the newly-elected members of the European institutions, and in what terms? Do specific emotions tend to predominate? What are the emerging issues? A textual analysis of 18,000 tweets posted after the 2019 European elections provides a bird’s-eye view of the political landscape.

A look at the Parliamentary hearings

utorak, 19. studeni 2019. | Gianluca De Feo
| OBC Transeuropa

After a long wait, the European Parliament has finally approved the nominations of commissioners Breton, Vălean and Várhelyi. Now only the final vote remains before the next Commission is inaugurated.

Centre-right parties gain ground across the EU

četvrtak, 07. studeni 2019. | Gianluca De Feo
| OBC Transeuropa

According to an analysis run through the Stats Monitor, based on data by POLITICO’s Poll of Polls, over the past two months the European People's Party has slightly been gaining ground, growing on the whole by 0.7 per cent across the European Union.

Sovereignists: much ado about nothing?

ponedjeljak, 15. travanj 2019. | Gina Pavone
| OBC Transeuropa

Immigration doesn’t appear to be the only worry of Europeans, also economic fears are widespread. And analyses suggest that the success of the new populist group is far from certain.

Jemen kao ničija katastrofa  

petak, 07. lipanj 2019. | Ana Kuzmanić
Ivana Perić
| H-Alter

Hrvatska je tijekom posljednjih godina bila u vrhu zemalja EU po izvozu oružja i druge vojne opreme, barem što se tiče vrijednosti licenci. Dio oružja prodanog Saudijskoj Arabiji sigurno se koristio za rat u Jemenu.

European far-right rally in Milan

petak, 24. svibanj 2019. | Ornaldo Gjergji
| OBC Transeuropa

On May 18 Matteo Salvini gathered far-right leaders in Milan for a rally before the European elections. Polls suggest that his alliance of popoulists may be a threat to the next EU parliament.

The European election campaign, in words and hashtags

četvrtak, 23. svibanj 2019. | Gina Pavone
| OBC Transeuropa

Calls to vote, announcements for debates and rallies, but also references to the key issues: here’s a look at what, and how, outgoing MEPs tweeted in the runup to the European elections.