Macron’s rule comes without Parliamentary debates

srijeda, 19. lipanj 2019. | VoxEurop

In the light of a historical comparison with previous governments, the current French executive comes second in the use of a legislative tool that limits Parliamentary prerogatives.

It takes some time to become a government

utorak, 30. srpanj 2019. | VoxEurop

As Pedro Sanchez failed in its second attempt to become Prime Minister of Spain, we take a look at an infographic which uncovers how long it takes, on average and across Europe, to form a government.

About electoral systems

utorak, 12. studeni 2019. | VoxEurop

In the light of yet another deadlock-looking-outcome for Spain, an article in ElPaìs highlights the role electoral systems play in shaping electoral results. 

Understanding the rise of Spain’s far-right

utorak, 19. studeni 2019. | VoxEurop

In the aftermath of the latest Spanish elections, media in the country focus on the rise of the far-right party, Vox.

UK 2019 elections: the importance of being earnestly tactical

ponedjeljak, 09. prosinac 2019. | VoxEurop

This week, almost three and a half years after the EU referendum, UK voters are called to the ballot boxes to renew the Parliament and, therefore, define the ultimate destiny of the Brexit saga. Tactical voting might well make the difference. 

Climate change fractures the European Parliament

srijeda, 27. studeni 2019. | Gianluca De Feo
| OBC Transeuropa

While climate change may be drawing the attention of the public, MEPs’ twitter profiles seem to find relatively little room for it.

Europljani isključeni iz europskih izbora  in depth

četvrtak, 31. siječanj 2019. | Lorenzo Ferrari
Gina Pavone
Ornaldo Gjergji
| OBC Transeuropa

Gotovo 17 milijuna građana Europske unije živi u državi članici EU-a koja nije njihova država podrijetla. Ovi građani imaju pravo glasati na izborima za Europski parlament u zemlji u kojoj žive, ali veoma mali broj njih to čini. Tako se propušta prilika za stvaranje jedne transnacionalne politike.

A busy day at the European Parliament: SOTEU, copyright, and Hungary

srijeda, 12. rujan 2018. | Giorgio Comai
| OBC Transeuropa

The big debates on the EU's future that traditionally follow the State of the Union address (also known as SOTEU) by EC Commission President Juncker at the European Parliament did not grab all the attention of Brussels-watchers today.

Meet the European Parliament's twittersphere

petak, 19. siječanj 2018. | Giorgio Comai
| OBC Transeuropa

This is the first in a series of posts on how members of the European Parliament (MEPs) appear on Twitter. This first post introduces the EP twittersphere, outlines limitations to the analysis, and points at some broad trends. The following posts will focus on specific aspects.

Centrists and progressives at the European Parliament

četvrtak, 23. svibanj 2019. | Ornaldo Gjergji
| OBC Transeuropa

French President Emmanuel Macron wants to unite the progressives in the European Parliament against the threat posed by the far right, but the road is winding.