A fraction of European regions account for a majority of COVID-19 deaths 

srijeda, 24. lipanj 2020. | Clara Guibourg
| Newsworthy

We have gathered data on excess deaths from 500 European regions to better understand the spread of the virus. Some regions report up to three times as many deaths as usual since March, but a large part of Europe has been able to live through the first wave of the pandemic without any significant excess death.

2019. godina: bijeg sa Balkana  in depth

ponedjeljak, 25. studeni 2019. | Francesca Rolandi
Christian Elia
| OBC Transeuropa

Fenomen koji raste sa zabrinjavajućim posljedicama: odljev kvalificiranih i drugih radnika iz bivše Jugoslavije. Pogled na podatke i političke reakcije.

Is your region a brain gainer or drainer?

četvrtak, 20. lipanj 2019. | Newsworthy

The battle for talent within the European Union is a story about both brain drain and gain. We have analyzed the migration patterns across the continent to create hundreds of reports going down to the regional level, paying special attention to highly skilled workers.

Child births: only 13 out of 328 regions in Europe above replacement level

srijeda, 11. prosinac 2019. | Newsworthy

To keep a country’s population stable from one generation to the next, at least two children should be born per woman. But how many European regions pass that threshold? In this report we look closer at the fertility rates across Europe region by region.