Understanding the rise of Spain’s far-right

In the aftermath of the latest Spanish elections, media in the country focus on the rise of the far-right party, Vox.

What this is about

Vox can legitimately claim to be the real winner of the past Spanish elections, having been able to get hold of more than 50 seats in the Parliament. In El Pais, Borja Andrino, Daniele Grasso and Kiko Llarenas published a thorough data-journalism piece and statistical analysis. The article uncovers the factors which are correlated to Vox success at the regional and local level. The authors point at a possible causal relationship between the presence of non-EU immigrants, on the one hand, and the share of votes in favour of Vox, on the other one. 

Why we like it

The relationship holds true also in most regions, but in Cataluña, Galicia, Madrid, La Rioja y Cantabria. Also, data about the local level confirm the intuition. Indeed, the correlation appears to be even stronger. Authors control for other potential explanatory factors, such as income levels. Also, the article features a beautiful interactive map highlighting the distribution of Vox’s support all over the country.

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utorak, 19. studeni 2019.


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