Public health in Europe (Who)

The European Health Information Gateway is a portal that collects databases, reports and news on public health. Much of the data can be explored via graphs or exported. 

The European branch of the World Health Organisation manages a portal that collects news, updates and datasets on all aspects of public health. It is a complete portal with exhaustive and traceable datasets in the data section, where a large number of databases are listed, including the indicators of the European Health for All database (HFA-DB) and the Environment and Health Information System (ENHIS). 

In addition to the databases, monitoring indicators and periodically updated reports are also listed. Many of the published data can be explored by means of interactive charts, with which to observe, for example, the time trends of selected countries or make a comparison between countries. In addition, a visualization tool can analyze the data with regards to the goals of the European Public Health Programme Health 2020.

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Sunday 14 July 2019


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