European election data, displayed by Politico Europe

A section of the news site is now entirely dedicated to the upcoming European elections, with in-depth information on individual countries, context and selected data, and useful information.

What this work is about

Politico Europe – a news and political analysis site – now dedicates a specific section of its website to the European elections, collecting several data of various kinds, all proposed with graphs and visualisations.

Readers can find a projection of the distribution of seats, navigable by country and by region. A specific card is devoted to each member state, listing the MEPs elected in 2014 and the projections for 2019, accompanied by insight information and demographic data (e.g. electoral system, threshold barring, turnout, population, etc.).

There are also views on women elected by country, useful information on how to vote, news on various aspects of the elections: national campaigns, Spitzenkandidaten, initiatives of candidates. In addition, for each European party there is a map of the countries where they are more or less voted, with details of individual countries (including national parties that are part of it).

Finally, the section collects some thematic areas of the public debate: migration, environment, economy, the future of the EU, and so on.

Why we like this work

We find it useful this attempt to put together news and service information: the site section deals with the issue of the European elections not only from the point of view of strict political analysis, but also by giving a lot of background information, both at European level and for each individual country.

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Thursday 28 March 2019


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