A Europe of economic regions

An article by Maarten Lambrechts analyses the distribution of cohesion funds that the European Union allocates according to the degree of local development. The resulting appearance of Europe is very different from the political map.

What this work is about
Looking at the Europe of nations we see that the greatest wealth is concentrated in the north-western countries. But there are also more developed and depressed areas within individual states. And in fact the physiognomy of Europe changes decisively if we look at the subsidies that the Union allocates to the development of the various regions, according to the economic classification of the areas within the Member States. As things change over time, the official borders of these "economic areas" are redrawn, so as not to lose the funds. The Pudding devotes an interesting visual analysis to the distribution of the cohesion funds, i.e. the resources allocated to the less developed areas so that they reach the level of the most advanced ones.

Why we like it
The analysis by Maarten Lambrechts uses an effective beautiful data visualization that shows at a glance the distribution of public funds, explaining the mechanism of allocation. The visual journalism article is also all based on the open data of the public administration: in this case made available through the website https://cohesiondata.ec.europa.eu/overview

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Friday 19 April 2019


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