When we started taking the internet for granted, barely even noticing our permanent connectivity, the digital revolution went through a sudden acceleration. With every radical change there come opportunities and problems, and as a network of journalists we tend to explore both sides. The impact of new technologies on citizens’ lives is clear when we consider issues such as data protection, consent to the use of data, the use of such data for commercial or surveillance purposes by corporations or governments, artificial intelligence and the decisions made by algorithms.

EDJNet is committed to producing articles, analyses and investigations on these issues. This commitment begins with the opportunities for collaboration which started appearing as the network made its presence felt in Europe’s media sector. This is the case with PANELFIT , a network of organisations active in various sectors – from technical consultancy to research, data protection to research ethics, citizen science to journalism – who work together to ensure that the opportunities offered by the digital revolution can be enjoyed without compromising the security and fundamental rights of citizens.

EDJNet is participating in the PANELFIT project in an effort to intensify and raise the level of the media’s discussion of these themes, which resonate with its own editorial line. In this way, EDJNet acts as a bridge between the expert community (researchers, jurists, policy makers, activists, etc.) and the journalist community, promoting dialogue and exchange of information.

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Thursday 05 December 2019
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